BA Career Planning



A fully tailored approach so you can find out EXACTLY how the BA employment market is changing.

And how to adapt your selling technique to achieve a satisfying career.

Speak to a real Business Analyst and get real-world advice

Find out EXACTLY which type of BA role is best for you so you can earn the most money fast.

Find out what YOU can do next in order to make the right step in your career.

Learn what a Business Analyst Does each and every day.

Learn how to get projects off the ground.

Understand how to be proactive while learning from Matt’s mistakes.

I’ll even send you some of my plans over so you can use them.

If you’re passionate, driven and keen to be successful, you’ll LOVE this opportunity.


You will get amazing help with your career just by speaking with Matt today.


Matt Adams is the founder of Business Analyst Guru. He’s a ‘bearded’ Business Analyst with experience in sectors such as food retail, online retail, pharmaceuticals and… [Continue Reading]

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