Statistical Analysis for Business Analysis – How to GET statistics while gathering requirements

Statistical Analysis Business

This post will completely change your frame of mind when gathering requirements for a solution to a problem or for a large project.

It did for me!


Because as soon as I was able to add statistics to my requirements gathering and recommendations, I had a much bigger impact on director’s and manager’s decision making.

The other challenge you …

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Could the NHS 2017 cyber attack have been prevented? A Business Analysts View


Ultimately. All cyber attacks can be prevented.

But here’s the reality:

Most people AND organisations don’t keep up with security prevention requirements. Thus leaving themselves open to cyber attack(s).

So what are those prevention requirements?

After reading this, you will have a great insight to the non-functional requirements you can introduce to your work in order to:

  1. Prevent cyber attacks

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TIMWOOD – 7 Wastes of Lean & How to DEMOLISH them.

timwood lean waste

Knowing this will allow you to single handed revolutionise any process or operational procedure.

In fact, it’s your golden key to faster processes and modernising old fashioned systems.

It also helps with explaining to long-term managers why changes are necessary

First, you need to understand the as-is process. Map them out with the help of individuals doing the work.

Read …

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