Business Analysis Software: How to choose yours

I want to lead you on to FAST Business Analysis.

So you can implement changes faster and know your improvements will work for EVERYONE


By helping YOU choose which software is best for implementing your BA techniques.

I’ve asked some key providers of Business Analysis software to give me the reasons for their software being used by their customers.

But why will that help you?

I’ve broken down the responses and categorised each of them to give you an easy way of reviewing their qualities to see which one meets your needs.

But don’t forget – when implementing software, what’s the first thing you MUST do?

That’s right:

Know your REQUIREMENTS for your Business Analysis Software.

Trust me, it’s easy to forget to do your own requirements gathering for your own software even though you may spend every minute of every day thinking about other people’s requirements.

So the first thing to do is think about your daily work and decide which area could do with a bit of a push – it might be…

  • Statistical Analysis - particularly for process business analysts
  • Brainstorming and Collaboration - great for innnovation & new ideas
  • Process Mapping- Getting an understanding for the AS-Is process
  • Mind Mapping
  • Requirements Management

So How can Business Analysis Software help you?

Well that’s where this post comes in.

I’ve personally reviewed and liaised with a number of Business Analysis software companies.


So I can give you a clear idea of:

  1. BA Software available to you.
  2. Benefits of the different software.
  3. How to get a free trial.

So have a read of these and decide which fits your requirements

P.s. I’m not financially affilliated with any of these Software companies so make sure you choose the one that’s right for you.

Business Analysis Software Statwing

Statistical Analysis Software

Free trial? YES

Statwing has a one-week free trial with the full capabilities of Statwing.

How is Statwing Software unique?

It's is an easy-to-use statistical analysis tool.

It has automatic visualization and statistical test selection

Analysts can complete hours of Excel or SPSS work in minutes.

How can you benefit from Statwing Software?

Working in Statwing is far faster and more pleasant than traditional statistical tools like SPSS, SAS, or R.

Those tools were made by and for statisticians.

Statwing is made specifically for analysts.

So you can spend much less time thinking about what statistical test to run or how to interpret the output and a lot more time thinking about their data.

No need for statistical experience.

No need to learn stats for weeks to conduct a full suite of statistical analyses

Statwing automatically selects the appropriate statistical analysis, so these analysts can focus on their analysis and not learning arcane statistical minutiae.

In just a few minutes of learning how to use Statwing they'll be conducting analyses much more quickly than an experienced analyst in a traditional statistical tool.

For both groups, Statwing can work with multi-GB datasets that would bring Excel to a crawl.

Access Statwing here for free
Business Analysis Software Graham Process

Process Mapping Software

Free trial? YES

The Evaluation Edition include all the features of the Professional Edition of the software.

Why is Graham Process Maps Software Unique?

Graham Process Maps break down the work to INDIVIDUAL documents (forms, records, applications, systems, spreadsheets, email...) whatever is used to capture, transmit or store data.

They capture detail for every document in a process, and they show relationships between documents.

Show where information is used, where it is captured, where it moves, where it is shared, and where it is stored.

Identify WHO does every step of the work and WHERE the work is done.

The Professional Edition features include output to playscript procedures, linking between charts and to other documents, an integrity analysis report and the ability to create quick reports that list all the maps in your process map library.

It also offers versioning capabilities and the capability to set up and manage a process map review schedule.

If your goal is better processes, no other tool approaches the value of Graham Process Mapping Software.

How can you benefit from Graham Process Mapping Software?

Contribute to the success of your organization.

Lead successful process improvement projects based on clear understanding of the existing work.

Be the first person in your organization to understand process flows from beginning to end.

Engineer new processes and changes - not just guess!

Provide others with the opportunity to rise to their potential.

Show others how their work fits into larger processes.

Show others how they contribute to the organization.

Use the maps and methodology to instill teamwork and improve morale.

You WILL make a difference!

Access Graham Process Mapping here for free
Business Analysis Software Groupmap

Brainstorming Collaboration Software Tool

FREE trial? YES

You can try GroupMap free or 14 days.

Plans start at just $8 USD per month and lets you have up to 25 participants in as many maps as you want. They can also customize maps and features depending on your needs and provide enterprise licences.

How is GroupMap Software unique?

GroupMap is a tool for consultants and teams to plan, brainstorm and prioritise items for action.

It lets you effectively run meetings and offers a range of ways to work out what the consensus of the group is.

Use GroupMap for your project kick off meetings, gathering user requirements and running retrospectives

Face to face or online.

There are currently 40+ templates.


you can customize the templates and create your own.

And Change the workflow to suit.

E.g. Change the brainstorming style so that individuals can add their ideas without being influenced by others.


Change the number of votes participants can allocate to ideas.

Help people organize ideas and range of prioritization features such as ranking, positioning, dot voting, liking/disliking and scoring.

Gives you a real live sense check of the consensus in the room.

Add key action items that define what needs to be done, who does it and when it needs to be done by.

Very important:

You can identify differences in people's perception.

Say for example, the team wanted to rank a list from top to bottom. Each person could rank their own individual lists based on discussion and then the results will automatically combine to show the final list as well as the spread of where people positioned ideas on their map. This also works well with perceptual mapping activities.

How can you benefit from Group Map Softare?

Besides it being easy for participants to access on their device, real time results, security protocols and cross browser/device support, some of the unique features in GroupMap include

· Create you own templates where you can change the heading and number of steps.

· Supports different brainstorming styles (Individual, suggestive, collaborative)

· Visualization of data to see where there is consensus (or not)

· Multiple prioritization methods

· Anonymity settings

· Generate evidence of the data and consensus building process

· Plan action steps for key ideas.

· Instant reports that drill down to individual people or ideas

Easily create a map, and get a link which you can then add into your other collaboration tools or just share it with people you want to join the map.

GroupMap was a national iAward finalists.

Used by consultants, facilitators, workshop educators and trainers to engage their audience and help them think better together.

Access Group Map here for free
Business Analysis Software iMindQ

Mind Mapping Software

FREE trial? YES

Free 15-day Mind Mapping trial for the desktop version, , and available Android and iOS applications on Google Play and iTunes.

Why is iMindQ Software unique?

iMindQ is a mind mapping software that offers a virtual whiteboard space.

You can visualize, organize and present ideas and information, using mind maps, concept maps and flowcharts.

Visually organize ideas, efficiently solve problems, manage information overload and present concepts with iMindQ.

The software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and as Online version.

How can you benefit from iMindQ?

iMindQ empowers business analysts…

With a whole set of tools to visually capture information, organize tasks and activities, plan your work and present ideas to key stakeholders.

It assists with business case development, graphical representation of modeling techniques and methods, analysis and communication.

iMindQ offers a unique Research panel…

Where Users can research and insert important information directly in their maps; a rich presentation mode through which users can create custom presentations and also present their mind maps, concept maps, or flowcharts with a single click.

And interactive HTML mind maps, that can be opened and edited within any web browser and shared with associates.

Access iMindQ here for free
Business Analysis Software Accompa

Requirements Management Software

FREE trial? YES

Yes, we offer a fully-functional, 30-day free trial. Customers can sign up

How is Accompa Software Unique?

Easy-to-use, flexible, and proven requirements management software used by BA teams at 100s of companies of all sizes.

Fortune-500s to growing startups.

BA teams use Accompa in every single continent of the world - except for Antarctica!

How can you benefit from Accompa?

Accompa is…

· Easy to learn, and easy to use daily.

· Easy to customize, to fit your BA team's workflow.

· Much more affordable than comparable enterprise-grade requirements software.

· Only RM tool (as far as I know) that offers unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.

Access Accompa here for free