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  1. Good day Matt

    I have just started my career in BA ,currently in training in an agile software project,doing busineess functions requirements documents,attending daily scrum stand ups,creating linear and swim lanes business processes.

    Please can you advise me on videos and books to read to jump start my career as a Business Analyst,currently reading Babok v3,Agile For Dummies┬«, IBM Limited Edition,The Agile Samurai,Addison Wesley _ Domain-Driven – By Eric Evans, [Mike_Cohn]_User_Stories_Applied_For_Agile_Softw , Essential Scrum_ A Practical Gu – Kenneth S. Rubin, [Dean_Leffingwell]_Agile_Software_Requirements_

  2. Hi Matt,

    I’m an Oracle Technical Analyst who has worked in the Development and Support areas or Oracle and Oracle ERP. I’ve seen an opportunity to become a Business Analyst. In my job I’ve been more like Techno-Functional, in a sense that I’ve to evaluate, research and analyse business processes before I could produce an appropriate solution. I’ve also am aware of Oracle BR100 documentation for a complete project, and have used their AIM docs for producing Functional, Technical and Installation of a project/task. I’m also working in a Retail company for nearly 18 months and have some ideas of their BA processes.

    How easy would it be for me to transition into a Business Analyst role given the above?
    What else do I need to be successful in capturing a really good BA job (esp. for a beginner like me)?

    Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Best Regards

  3. Hey, good informative video. Would be really useful to have a working example to provide some context to the levels. Thanks

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