Promoting Agile Weekly Digest Email Template

Below is an example of an email that I sent to my team when attempting to promote a shared understanding of Agile ways of working:

Hi all,

As we’re all part of the [your team name] team, you’re on this email by default – I can remove you if you like but please read what’s below first :-)…


What is it?

It’s the first of a weekly email that will provide fresh insights to different Agile techniques, tools, tips &/or tricks.


How will it work?

Once a week, I’ll simply send a link to a short article or post that could add value to our team’s knowledge. We then have a week to digest the article before receiving the next one.

Don’t feel obliged to read the articles, but do remember, Agile innovation is a long-term company strategy and I’m sure it will only benefit us all in the long run – not to mention our Healthi customers.  So I’d say…

Don’t just read, let’s think about how we can practically implement new things.

It could even help us have even better retrospectives.


My Disclaimer:

I will make sure the subjects are varied. But it’s not to say I think the articles are right or that I think they need action. Just to get everyone involved in the suggestions that are available FREE online, which could assist with our Agile ways of working.


So here’s article No.1…

It’s a topic that seems to be a good challenge for all, especially me 🙂 – USER STORIES!



  • Feel free to forward each article onto whoever you see fit.
  • Or I’m happy to add anyone else onto the list for longer term recipients by individual request.



  • Please drop me a line if you find anything that’s worth sharing with the team and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.