TIMWOOD – 7 Wastes of Lean & How to DEMOLISH them.

timwood lean waste

Knowing this will allow you to single handed revolutionise any process or operational procedure.

In fact, it’s your golden key to faster processes and modernising old fashioned systems.

It also helps with explaining to long-term managers why changes are necessary

First, you need to understand the as-is process. Map them out with the help of individuals doing the work.

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16 BCS Business Analysis Certifications: Your 5 Year Training Plan DONE

business-analysis-certificationThe guidance in this post will propel you towards EXPERT Business Analysis status.

You will have a clear plan allowing you to easily answer the dreaded interview question “what’s your mid-to-long term plan?”

My view:

It’s not just about the BA certifications.

Practical experience in the real world will kill qualifications on any day.


Studying will ensure you are …

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